NBDIP Funding Sources

For 2023, $900,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds and $1,000,000 in City capital funds are budgeted for the NBD Improvement Program. DCED staff will work with neighborhoods to identify eligible projects that can be implemented in a one-year time frame. Although applicants will not be required to identify a funding source for their proposed project, funding restrictions should be considered when developing potential projects.


CDBG funds are federal funds received by the City that can be used for projects that:

  • Provide an area benefit to residents of a low/moderate income residential neighborhood; OR
  • Job creation or retention for low/moderate income residents citywide; OR
  • Eliminate slum and blight on an area basis with an approved blight study or on a spot basis citywide.

For example, using funds to renovate a vacant commercial building into a pharmacy in a low/moderate income neighborhood is an area benefit project because the pharmacy is an essential service that will be available to all residents. Using funds to acquire and demolish abandoned buildings and redevelop the property for retail/commercial use is a slum/blight project.


CIP funds can be used for capital improvements in the City's neighborhoods that provide a public benefit for that community.