NBDIP Submission Process

This year's submission process includes a mandatory pre-application process. This step assists in identifying those projects that meet program guidelines and are eligible for City funding. This step will eliminate those projects not eligible for funding, thus saving a community from submitting a Funding Application for a project that is ineligible. All applicants seeking funding through this program are required to submit a pre-application form.

Each community may submit two (2) funding requests, one major and one minor request, or two minor requests, for a community. There is no funding limit for major projects; however, applicants should realize that projects that have a higher private-to-public funding ratio are more likely to be funded. Minor projects should not exceed $50,000. Community organizations are encouraged to work collaboratively with business and property owners in the NBD to identify projects that have broad support.

Community Councils and Neighborhood Business Associations must be informed of proposed funding applications. Applications that have community council support will be given preference in the evaluation process, as reflected in the NBD Improvement Program Criteria.

In addition to Program Process information, Program Criteria and Guidelines have been included in this packet to assist in the preparation of NBD Improvement funding requests. Applicants are strongly encouraged to work with DCED staff to assist with this process.

Step One: Submit pre-application(s) for approval. Applicants are encouraged to submit preapplication as early as possible. Please note that pre-applications can be revised and resubmitted as long as submission meets the pre-application deadline. Pre-applications can be submitted to the Department of Community & Economic Development, 805 Central Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45202. DUE: 4:30 PM on March 4, 2022.

Step Two: Submit NBD Improvement Program Funding Request Application(s) for consideration. The following items must be included with each NBD Improvement Program project submission to be considered for funding: NBD Improvement Project Funding Request Application, Private or other noncity Sector Commitment Letter(s), and community council notification. Please submit (3) three copies of each NBD Improvement Program request to the Department of Community & Economic Development, 805 Central Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45202. Due: 4:30 PM on April 29, 2022.

Review And Approval Process

Cincinnati Neighborhood Business Districts United (CNBDU), the advisory group of neighborhood business representatives created to assist the City administration on neighborhood business district issues will review and rate qualifying proposals and make funding recommendations to DCDP. A copy of the NBD Improvement Program Rating Sheet used to evaluate each request is enclosed for your information. DCDP will concurrently submit its NBD Improvement Program funding recommendations to the City Manager, the Executive Budget Committee, and the Community Development Advisory Board (CDAB). The City Manager will make a final recommendation to City Council. City Council must approve all recommended funding requests prior to project implementation.